What people are saying about Awake at the Wheel
“There is a lot more to innovation than creativity and ideas, but that's where it starts and, being an expert in his field, Mitchell Ditkoff tells us how to really get it rolling (with Awake at the Wheel). And he does so with a great deal of insight and humor and in a simple and plain language.”
– Reviewed by Anders Hemre. Read the Review.

“Awake at the Wheel can, in my opinion, be compared to the classic "Who Moved My Cheese?" Ditkoff does for creativity what Johnson and Blanchard did for living with change. It gives the reader a short, humorous story loaded with meaning and concepts that hit the reader right where they live.”
– Reviewed by Thomas Duff, Amazon Top 100 Reviewer. Read the Review.

“Whether you're new to the world of creative thinking and problem solving, or if you have read many books on the topic, you'll gain new insights from this allegorical tale of an Everyman whose mind is consumed by a breakthrough idea, and how he brings it to life. Highly recommended!”
– Reviewed by Chuck Frey, InnovationTools.com. Read the Review.

“Written in a spare but engaging style, Awake At The Wheel is packed with lively inspirations for the would-be entrepreneur....Among the perennial crop of pray and grow rich and think and grow rich books, Awake At The Wheel stands out like a sunflower in a field of daisies.”
– Reviewed by the Denver Daily News. Read the Review.

“I highly recommend the best selling Awake at the Wheel for anyone seeking new ideas and the techniques for their development and manifestation. For free thinkers everywhere, and for brain storming facilitation within organizations, the methods presented are practical and useful, as well as empowering for one's own life.”
– Reviewed by Wayne Hurlbert, Blog Business World. Read the Review. Listen to Podcast.

“Awake at the Wheel is a funny and insightful book on how to get good ideas started. The book takes a humorous look at the challenges we all face in bringing new ideas into the mainstream and provides dozens of best practices and tools that can be used to help new ideas thrive. It's a FUN read that captures the essence of what challenges every creative venture.”
– Interviewed by Thomas Koulopoulos of The Innovation Zone, on Blog Talk Radio. Listen to Podcast.

“Awake at the Wheel is a terrific book about creativity and innovation. It's well written, clever and practical.”
– Reviewed by Jack Hayhow, JackHayhow.com. Read the Review.