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Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is Awake at the Wheel about?
Awake at the Wheel is about the creative process – what it takes to originate, develop, and manifest powerful, new ideas. The story follows the arc of the hero’s journey – in this case, the fictional first inventor of the wheel, an outcast Neanderthal named Og – a man who found himself completely consumed with a breakthrough idea in an age when even the idea of an idea was completely unthinkable.

2. Who is Awake at the Wheel for?
Four kinds of people: 1) Anyone with an inspired idea; 2) Anyone stuck along the way of trying to manifest an inspired idea; 3) Anyone who needs an inspired idea; 4) Anyone committed to helping others think outside the cave.

3. Why did you write the book?
Like Og, I was consumed. I felt a need to spark a renaissance of big ideas on planet Earth. I’m not just talking about conceiving ideas, but implementing them, too. I wanted to provide a guidebook to help people close the gap between thought and action. Many people I know have had at least one idea that was a difference maker. But how many of those people have successfully navigated their way through the often lonely and difficult process of manifesting that idea? Not too many. I wrote Awake at the Wheel to raise the odds of those people succeeding.

4. You make such a big deal about ideas. Aren’t ideas just a dime a dozen?
It all depends on your attitude. Just because there are six billion people on the planet, it doesn’t mean that a single individual, living in Greenland, is unremarkable. The fact that we get a lot of ideas doesn’t make those ideas worthless. What makes ideas appear to be a “dime a dozen” is the fact that we don’t value them highly enough. Or, even more importantly, we don’t value ourselves enough. Is solar energy worthless just because we don’t make the effort to capture it?

5. Why deliver your message in the form of a fable?
Because stories help us learn. They put us in a receptive state of mind. It’s one of the ways in which we make sense of the world. Why do you think the scriptures are so full of parables? The great teachers knew they could deliver timeless teachings through the medium of stories. Why do you think “Who Moved My Cheese?” was so popular? In a simple way, it helped millions of people make sense of the phenomenon of “change.” In a similar way, Awake at the Wheel helps people make sense of what it takes to create – to conceive and manifest big ideas.

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innovation, creative thinking tools, innovative thinking
innovation, creative thinking tools, innovative thinking